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Some mp3's of my tunes
These are solo arrangements played on steel string and nylon string guitars. Click on the icon to open in a player. Hope you enjoy them. The guitars used were a Tom Bills Genesis steel string, a Lowden 025 steel string and a Tom Prisloe classical guitar. Some are works in progress.

"Misionera" by Fernando Bustemante

     Jorge Morel's and Chet Atkins' arrangement. Inspiring piece. Download 01_Misionera_1.mp3

"Classical Gas" by Mason Williams

     Mason's arrangement with a few added touches inspired by Tommy Emmanuel. Download 13_Classical_Gas_1.mp3

"Imagine" by John Lennon

     An arrangement inspired by Tommy Emmanuel of John Lennon's beautiful song. Download 05_Imagine_1.mp3

"Manha de Carnival" by Luiz Bonfa

     A great Brazilian classic that is satisfying to play. Download 03_Manha_de_Carnival_2.mp3

"Toccata" by J.S. Bach

     Philip Hii's transcription of Bach's Toccata from BWV 565. Download 12_Toccata_1.mp3

"Misty" by Errol Garner

     An arrangement of a classic pop tune. Download Misty_1.mp3

"Andecy" by Andrew York

     Andrew York's lyrical piece. Download 06_Andecy_1.mp3

"Rings" by Eddie Reeves & Alex Harvey

     Leo Kottke plays and sings this tune. I worked up an instrumental version inspired by Leo's version. Download 04_Rings_1.mp3

"In My Life" by Lennon & McCartney

     Another beautiful tune by the Beatles. One of my favorites. Download 08_In_My_Life_1.mp3

"Here Comes the Sun" by George Harrison

     A "nice feeling" tune to play. Download Here_Comes_the_Sun_1.mp3

"Embryonic Journey" by Jorma Kaukonen

     A fun fingerpicking tune recorded first on Jefferson Airplane's "Surrealistic Pillow" 1967 ablum. Reportedly the first acoustic fingerpicking tune recorded on a rock album. Download 07_Embryonic_Journey.mp3

"Pass the Buck" by Laurence Juber

     One of Laurence Juber's fine tunes in DADGAD. Download 11_Pass_the_Buck.mp3

"Windy and Warm" by John D. Loudermilk

     An arrangement based on Chet Atkin's version. Download 09_Windy_and_Warm_1.mp3

"Autumn Leaves" by Joseph Kosma & Johnny Mercer

     A revisited arrangement inspired by the season. Download Autumn_Leaves_1.mp3

"Charade" by Henry Mancini

     A beautiful and haunting melody by Henry Mancini. I've seen the movie a number of times just to hear the song. This is Aaron Stang's arrangement from the Grammy winning cd "Pink Guitar", with a few changes. Download Charade_6a.mp3

"Foggy Mountain Top" by A. P. Carter

     An old Carter Family tune played Chet Atkins style. Download Foggy_Mountain_Top_1.mp3

"Moondance" by Van Morrison

     Van Morrison's fantabulous song. An arrangement that has gone through several different versions. This is the latest. Many thanks to Brian Gore, founder of International Guitar Night concert series, for his valuable input and suggestions on the arrangement. Download Moondance_1.mp3

"Bella Donna" by Peppino D'Agostino

     A lively tune by Peppino that he wrote for his wife, Donna. It took me a long time to learn this tune and get it up to speed. It's in Open D tuning. Download Bella_Donna_4.mp3

"Rhiannon" by Stevie Nicks

     This is my take on Doug Young's arrangement of this cool tune done by Fleetwood Mac. I can't play it with the punch that Doug does, but it's fun to play anyway. Download Rhiannon_1a.mp3

"O Pato" by Jayme Silva & Neuza Teixeira

     A bossa nova classic from the 1960's that I like, based on Charlie Byrd's arrangement. It means "the duck". Download O_Pato_2.mp3

"O Pato" by J. Silva & N. Teixeira

     A try at sounding more Brazilian. Download O_Pato_Brazil.mp3

"Variations on Greensleeves"

     A little unconventional but fun. I've been playing this arrangement for a few years but have never recorded it. Download Variations_on_Greensleeves_Final.mp3

"Leola Kay" by Todd Hallawell

     Todd's uplifting tune. Really fun to play with a harp-like section that's difficult to execute smoothly. Download Leola_Kay_4.mp3

"Norwegian Wood"/"Lady Madonna" by Lennon & McCartney

     A medley of two cool Beatles songs. Download Norwegian_Wood_Lady_Madonna_4.mp3

"Dance With Me" by John & Johanna Hall

     I've always loved this early 1970's Orleans hit. Download Dance_With_Me_D.mp3

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison

     This is my take on Laurence Juber's arrangement of a classic Beatles song. Download While_My_Guitar_Gently_Weeps.mp3

"The Water is Wide" Traditonal

     This is Ed Gerhard's beautiful arrangemnet of this wonderful folk melody. Download The_Water_is_Wide.mp3

"In Christ There is No East or West" Traditional Hymn

     This is a traditional hymn that was arranged by John Fahey many years ago. I heard Leo Kottke's version first then John's. They are very similar, and this is my take on it. Download In_Christ_There_Is_No_East_Or_West.mp3

"And I Love Her" by Lennon & McCartney

     A beautiful tune by the Beatles. I've heard a lot of solo guitar versions. I think this is my influenced combination of what I like most about the tune. Download And_I_Love_Her.mp3

"Moon River" by Henry Mancini

     This is the final version of Ed Gerhard's gorgeous arrangement of Henry Mancini's beautiful song. The Bills guitar really rings on this one. Download Moon_River.mp3

"Little Martha" by Duane Allman

     This is mostly my take on Leo Kottke's version of this tune with a quick nod to part of the original vamp. It's in Open D tuning. Download Little_Martha.mp3

"Spindrift" by Al Petteway

     This is a fun little tune that mixes a little Celtic and a little North Carolina hills music together. It's in DADGAD tuning. Download Spindrift.mp3

"Wreck of the Ole '97"

     This is mostly based on the way Duck Baker played it on an early 1970's album. All aboard..... Download Wreck_of_the_Ole__97.mp3

"Grandfather's Clock"

     A Chet Atkins thumb influence on this neat old song. Download Grandfather_s_Clock.mp3

"Dream When You're Feeling Blue"/"Bye Bye Blues" by Mercer/Hamm, Bennett, Lown & Gray

     A medley that reaches way back in my repertoire. Fun to play. Download Dream_When_You_re_Feeling_Blue_Bye_Bye_Blues.mp3

"The Claw" by Jerry Reed

     Jerry Reed's fingerbuster. Download The_Claw.mp3

"Last Thing on My Mind" by Tom Paxton

     I've always liked this 1960's folk song by Tom Paxton. This version is inspired by the way Doc and Merle Watson played it. Download Last_Thing_On_My_Mind.mp3

"Ring" by Reeves & Harvey

     This is a recording at Doug Young's studio. The objective was to find the optimum mic placement to capture the big low end that the player hears from the side sound hole of my Tom Bills guitar, but that is less pronounced to the listener. I think Doug found the right places. The tune is one that Leo Kottke performs, and sings. I worked up an instrumental only version. Photos of the mic placement are in the photo album. Download David_Ring.mp3

"Samba de Orfeu" by Luiz Bonfa

     The basic arrangement is Howard Heitmeyer's but I borrowed heavily from Charlie Byrd and Luiz Bonfa's original version. It was composed for the film "Black Orpheus" and is generally considered the most influential bossa nova influence to the listening public. Download Samba_de_Orfeu.mp3

"Agua de Beber" by Antonio Carlos Jobim

     This is a jazzy sounding Brazilian song by Jobim. It means "Water to Drink". One of the tunes I didn't get ready in time for the CD. Download Agua_de_Beber.mp3

"One Note Samba" by Antonio Carlos Jobim

     Jobim's classic based partly on a Charlie Byrd arrangement. Download One_Note_Samba.mp3

"Corcovado" by Antonio Carlos Jobim

     This is another beautiful song by Jobim. The first one of his I learned around 1973. The arrangement is by Glen Grant, a friend and my guitar teacher at that time. Download Corcovado.mp3

"Fountain Jumping" by Laurence Juber

     This is one of my favorite Laurence Juber tunes. I think I'll be able to play it close to what I'll be happy with in about 5 years. A work in progress, but most of the notes are there. It's in DADGAD played on my Tom Bills guitar. Download Fountain_Jumping.mp3

"Fountain Jumping" by Laurence Juber

     A slower take on LJ's tune. Getting closer to fitting the notes in. Download Fountain_Jumping_1.mp3

"Pass the Buck" by Laurence Juber

     An updated recording of this Juber tune. The first one I did on the Lowden. This one is on the Bills. Download Pass_the_Buck_New.mp3

"Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell

     A tune I learned "off the record" from a Chet Atkins album in the 1970's with a little added influence from Randy Scruggs' take on the same tune he played on the great bluegrass album "Will the Circle Be Unbroken". Download Both_Sides_Now.mp3

"Black Mountain Rag" by Tommy Magness

     An updated version of this recently relearned tune. The phrasing is better under control, though not great yet. Chet Atkins' arrangement. So fun to play. Download Black_Mountain_Rag_2.mp3

"Are You From Dixie?" by Jerry Reed

     Jerry Reed's tune, without the words. I'm just learning this and it'll go through some changes. I wanted to try to get the groove of the tune going and captured so I could work from there. Download Are_You_From_Dixie_1.mp3

"The Fisherman" by Leo Kottke

     Leo Kottke's nice fingerpicking tune. Newly revisited and a quick take. Download The_Fisherman_1.mp3

"Signe" by Eric Clapton

     Eric's opening tune from his "Unplugged" CD. Not a Clapton sounding tune but I like it. Sort of Eric goes to Rio. Download Signe_Draft_1.mp3

"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by Jerome Kern

     This is a revisit to an early chord melody arrangement I used to play a lot, this time played on steel strings rather than my usual nylon strings for this tune. It was inspired by Laurindo Almeida's arrangement on his album "Broadway Solo Guitar". Download Smoke_Gets_in_Your_Eyes_1.mp3

"O Barquinho" by Roberto Menescal & Ronaldo Boscoli

     I've wanted to learn this bossa nova classic for years. Finally got to it. The middle section will develop more as I play it longer, but here it is after about a month. Download O_Barquinho.mp3

"A Minor Thing" Medley

     A different thing. Snippets of 15 tunes I play that are in the Key of Am. Nothing new, just a fun thing. Download A_Minor_Thing_1.mp3

"Triste" by Antonio Carlos Jobim

     A very sublime melody of Jobim's. Lovely to play. It's back under my fingers after some years of not playing it. Download Triste.mp3

"Everybody's Talkin'" Draft #1

     First draft with slower accompaniment. Download Everybody_s_Talkin__Draft_1.mp3

"Everybody's Talkin'" Draft #2

     Faster accompaniment, just the chords. Download Everybody_s_Talkin__Draft_2.mp3

"Puttin' on the Ritz"/"Angie"

     These two tunes seemed to fit together. Ulli Bogershausen's arrangement of "Angie". Download 01_Puttin__on_the_Ritz_Angie_2.mp3

"Michelle" by Lennon & McCartney

     This is a video of a wonderful guitarist, Joost Assink, who posted this on the APM Forum, demo'ing his new Kevin Ryan Cathedral guitar. The arrangement he is playing is Tommy Emmanuel's, and he does a great job on it. The harmonic technique he is using is a very difficult thing to do. Thanks for the inspiration, Joost! Download joost_michelle_new.wmv

"Misty" by Errol Garner

     A beautiful standard played on Paul Woolson's road trip guitar. Download Misty_Woolson_2.mp3

"Rhiannon" by Stevie Nicks

     Doug Young's arrangement played on Paul Woolson's guitar. Download Paul_Rhiannon.mp3

Another Beatles Medley

     Played on Paul Woolson's guitar. Download Woolson_Beatles.mp3

Ritz/Anji on Woolson

     This tune was recorded in Doug Young's studio on Paul Woolson's double top Road Trip guitar on December 16, 2007. Wonderful guitar! Download Ritz_Anji.mp3

In Christ There is No East Or West/ Woolson

     Another tune recorded in Doug Young's studio on Paul Woolsoon's double top. Download In_Christ_there_is_no_east_or_west.mp3

In My Life_Baritone

     My new Matt Mustapick baritone has inspired new takes on old tunes. This is 1 1/2 steps down from standard tuning. I love the bass and the space on the fingerboard. Download In My Life_Baritone.mp3

Leola Kay_Baritone

     Another tune on my Mustapick baritone. It's in Drop D, 1 1/2 steps below standard tuning. Download Leola Kay_Baritone.mp3

Embryonic Journey_Baritone

     One more take on one of my favorites, this time on the Mustapick baritone. Very cool sound! Download Embyronic Journey_Baritone.mp3

Misty (Baritone)

     Standard tuning but 1 1/2 steps down, C# to C#. Download Misty_Baritone.mp3

Little Martha (Baritone)

     Open D tuning 1 1/2 steps lower or B to B instead of E to E. Download Little Martha_Baritone.mp3

"Moon River" (The Diamond)

     This is played on Tim McKnight's Road Trip guitar called The Diamond. Many thanks to Doug Young for mixing my home recording. This is a mild EQ mix. Download Mon River (The Diamond) EQ mix.mp3

"Moon River" (The Diamond)2

     A richer mix of "Moon River" played on The Diamond by Tim McKnight. Download Moon River (The Diamond) reverb mix.mp3

"Spindrift" by Al Petteway (The Diamond)

     This is also played on The Diamond by Tim McKnight. Doug Young added some mild EQ after my home recording. Download Spindrift.mp3

Rhiannon (Baritone)

     I recorded this in a quick take at Doug Young's studio. Download Rhiannon_Baritone.mp3

Little Martha_Video2

     This is not great sounding, because it was taken on my digital camera. I'm playing Tony Yamamoto's new resonator guitar here, at Doug Young's Mission City Coffee Roasting monthly gig. This is the end of the tune started on Video1. Download March 2008 Gig 011.MOV

Little Martha_Video1

     This is a video that Tony Yamamoto took of me playing his guitar. It happens it's the beginning of Little Martha and Video2 is the end of it. Thanks Tony, for the video and for letting me play that cool guitar. Download 048.mpg

Embryonic Journey_The Movie

     Another video from the Mission Coffee gig, March 2008. Here I'm playing my Mustapick baritone. Download March 2008 Gig 009.MOV

O Pato

     This is my first recording using the Zoom H2 recorder. This is the "dry" mix. The guitar is the Prisloe. Download O Pato_Zoom_A.mp3


     This is in standard but tuned down to B. This is lower than I usually play. Very somber tone. Think 1960's French film noir. Download Charade_Baritone.mp3

"Windy and Warm" duet

     My friend John Begley and I worked up an arrangement of John D. Loudermilk's tune and played it at Doug Young's Acoustic Guitar Night in Santa Clara, CA in April, 2009. Tony Yamamoto, builder of fine guitars, took the video. Thanks John and Tony! Download MVI_2195(2).flv

"Moondance" duet

     Another duet with John. John's on mandolin. Cool improvisations. Download MVI_2197.flv

"Misionera" video

     With several flubs. Download MVI_2220.flv

"Agua de Beber" video

     A Jobim tune, meaning "Water to Drink". Download MVI_2193.flv

"Rings" video

     Leo Kottke sings this one often in his concerts. No singing here, though. Download MVI_2203.flv

"Spindrift" video

     I couldn't seem to get the pull-off's in the opening phrase at all. Al Petteway's tune. Download MVI_2208.flv

"The Claw" video

     Jerry Reed's tune. Several flubs here. I got the ending okay. :) Download MVI_2216(6).flv

"Me and Bobby McGee"

     A Kris Kristofferson song based on Chet Atkins' version. Download Me and Bobby McGee.mp3

"Jimmie Brown The News Boy"

     An old Carter Family song based on Norman Blake's playing of it. Download Jimmie Brown the News Boy.mp3

"Last Thing On My Mind"

     A Tom Paxton tune I learned many years ago, inspired by Doc Watson's version. Download Last Thing On My Mind.mp3

"Freight Train"

     Learned many years ago and still remembered. A cool tune. Elizabeth Cotton wrote it and the Seeger family brought her to the public's attention. She played left handed and upside down and got all those melody and bass notes, in spite of it. Download Freight Train.mp3


     A version inspired by the guitar I was playing. My friend John Begley has a wonderful Lowden and we were just playing around in his studio awhile back. The nuances of the guitar brought out a different version for me. Not perfect, just inspired. Download Anjie.wpl

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